The Mary I. Fitzgerald Scholarship Program

Sponsored by the Iowa Grocers Education Foundation through the Iowa Grocery Industry Association

The Iowa Grocers Education Foundation (IGEF) will award $2,000 scholarships to high school seniors and undergraduate students who are children of full-time employees or $1,500 scholarships to students who are full-time or part-time employees of firms that are members of the Iowa Grocery Industry Association (IGIA).

(Application for scholarships for the 2021-2022 academic year are now closed. Please check back in December 2021 for information about the 2022–23 IGEF Scholarship Program.)

Piggyback Scholarships

Iowa Grocers Education Foundation Piggy Scholarships allow IGIA members to create their own scholarships by “piggybacking” on the existing Iowa Grocers Education Foundation Scholarship program.

Setting up a local scholarship program is one of the most rewarding and visible acts of public service any business can undertake. However, many find the administrative and legal requirements of developing and offering such a program daunting and costly.

The Iowa Grocery Industry Association (IGIA) has streamlined the process for a store wishing to create and promote a local scholarship program. Through the IGIA, member stores can offer a local scholarship program tailored to their communities, without having to set up their own administrative systems and pay the expenses that go along with that.  Download the Piggyback Scholarship Brochure to learn more.

Asparagus Club Scholarships

A national scholarship program, the Asparagus Club was founded in 1909 to generate a spirit of cooperation and fellowship among members of the grocery industry. It is affiliated with the National Grocers Association and has sought to unite all segments of the grocery industry – retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, and state and national trade association executives.

The purpose of the scholarship is to enhance the future of the grocery industry by investing in the education of young people who are pursuing a career in the industry, especially the independent community-focused retail and wholesale sector. Learn more.

Each year IGIA publishes a list of all scholarship recipients in the iowa grocer magazine

Piggyback Scholarship Brochure