Risk Management and Preparedness

Food Industry Recommended Protocols When Employee/Customer Tests Positive for COVID- 19

Food production facilities, distributors and wholesalers are part of our nation’s “critical infrastructure” and must remain operational to feed the country. Inconsistent approaches to reacting to an employee who tests positive for COVID-19 has the potential to jeopardize our food system. This document recommends a consistent approach in how a company can continue operations in the event an individual has tested positive, given the global COVID-19 pandemic and high transmissibility of this respiratory virus from person to person.

CISA Insights: Risk Management for Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This product is for executives to help them think through the physical supply chain and cybersecurity issues that may arise from the spread of Novel Coronavirus, or COVID-19.

Coronavirus Preparedness Checklist (FMI)

  • Identify and Contact local health and agriculture officials
  • Develop an infectious disease prevention strategy

Coronavirus Preparedness for the Food Industry (FMI)

  • Communicate with your customers the steps your business is taking to ensure their safety
  • Be aware and accommodate consumer behavioral shifts and a run on certain items
  • If available, provide additional shopping options for consumers (i.e. curbside pickup, click-and-collect)
  • Place additional hand sanitizers or other protective items around stores for employees and customers
  • Consider modifying store hours if staffing becomes difficult
  • Employee health policies should be re-examined and updated to make sure that ill employees, or those who have ill family members, stay home