After being in business for three years, Lucky’s Market is closing its doors. The southeast Iowa City grocery store chain offered … Read more »

Grocery Iowa Grocery Industry Association Lucky's Market Store closing


When authenticating transactions, choosing between one authentication method or another isn’t a good strategy. A better approach is to leverage layered authentication, allowing the PIN to serve as the strongest option because the issuer is authenticating the consumer’s identity …

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Grocery Iowa Grocery Industry Association Payment Security SHAZAM


SIOUX CITY -- From the first general store to family grocers mirror a community's vitality. This phenomenon will be … Read more »

Grocery grocery history Iowa Grocery Industry Association Sioux City


Hy-Vee opened its first "Fast & Fresh" store in the Des Moines metro on Tuesday, heralding in an abundance of … Read more »


USDA Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) announced recently that it will be … Read more »


A series of storms in recent weeks has slowed California strawberry production, tightening … Read more »


The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is among groups around the country that would like to … Read more »


Grocery stores are a staple on rural main streets across the country. They provide … Read more »


DES MOINES - A familiar voice rang out during HyVee's Super Bowl commercial last Sunday. It was that of … Read more »


Hy-Vee has a reputation for trying new things and staying ahead of the curve. It was one of the first chains to … Read more »

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