Bottle bill gets mixed reviews in Iowa Senate


Bottle bill gets mixed reviews in Iowa Senate

Special to the Globe Gazette | Feb 12, 2020

A proposal to expand the four-decade-old bottle bill and double the handling fee on redeemed bottles and cans got mixed reviews in a Senate Commerce subcommittee. SSB 3109 also could lead to the eventual repeal of the bill enacted in May 1979 if the three-year rolling redemption average fell below 65 percent.

Retailers generally opposed a provision requiring them to pay a penny-per-container fee to distributors. That could cost the state grocery industry $15 million a year, its lobbyist said.

Conservation groups said increasing the handling fee would encourage redemption centers, which have not seen a revenue increase in 40 years.

Several groups at the hourlong hearing found things to like — and dislike — about the bill and are registered undecided.

Sen. Dan Dawson, R-Council Bluffs, said the subcommittee might consider advancing the bill to the full committee next week. However, Friday is the deadline for bills to be approved by a committee to remain eligible for consideration.

In the House, HF 2205 calls for the repeal of the bottle bill in 2023. In the interim, the revenue from estimated 30-plus percent of containers that are not redeemed would be used to promote recycling efforts. It is scheduled for a hearing Feb. 17.


Source: Globe Gazette