Sheldon chosen for EV charging station


Sheldon chosen for EV charging station

Joe Fisher

A network of 15 EV fast-charging stations is being planned across Iowa by MidAmerican Energy, including one in Sheldon.

SHELDON—MidAmerican Energy Co. announced Wednesday that Sheldon and 14 other Iowa communities have been chosen to host new, fast-charging stations for electric vehicles.

The DC fast-charger, or Level 3 charger, can charge a vehicle in 20-45 minutes. Level 2 chargers take four-eight hours to charge a vehicle.

MidAmerican spokesperson Tina Hoffman said the installation of a network of 15 charging stations across Iowa is part of the company’s vision for 100 percent renewable energy for the state.

“We know that our customers are interested in low-emission driving,” Hoffman said. “This is a way for us to jump-start the use of EVs in the state.”

The locations selected for charging stations are about 50 miles apart, a deliberate choice to put electric vehicle owners at ease.

“Range anxiety is one of the barriers to adoption,” Hoffman said. “By putting this network in place, people have the security that they know there is another charging station just up the road.”

Over the next 30 days, MidAmerican Energy will be taking and reviewing applications for host sites in the 15 cities.

The utility is looking for sites that are accessible to the public, close to highways and routes, and within walking distance of amenities.

“The hope is that we can partner with different businesses that make sense,” Hoffman said. “It might be a gas stations, maybe it’s a grocery store, restaurant, anything available for the public to park in.”

Several stations may be up and running by the end of the year with the rest to come in 2020.

Once the stations are open, the hosts will determine usage fees.

The distance electric vehicles can travel on a full charge varies from about 50 miles to more than 200 miles. The Tesla Model S has a range of more than 300 miles.