Lawmakers discuss bottle bill concern


Lawmakers discuss bottle bill concern

Concern over a bottle bill was among the issues discussed at a legislative forum held Saturday in Okoboji, Iowa.

Republican State Representative John Wills told the crowd, no less than four bills have been introduced, which are intended to revise the measure as more and more redemption centers go out of business throughout the state.

Wills gave his prediction as to whether anything will actually be done on the matter this session.

He says “my guess is nothing will happen and the bottle bill will be the same as it was. That’s because nobody on either side of the aisle, either Republican or Democrat, nobody wants to move it forward and do something different.”

A bill before a Senate subcommittee that would reform unemployment benefits was also discussed.

State Senator Zach Whiting says he feels it’s important something is done to crack down on those who are taking advantage of the system.


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