Help Strengthen IGIA’s Legislative Efforts


Help Strengthen IGIA’s Legislative Efforts

The Iowa Grocery Industry Association has been a successful legislative advocate for the grocery industry for decades. However, day-to-day lobbying alone is not enough. Associations need to have a strong political action committee fund as well, and the IGIA’s is called Grocers Political Action Committee – or GroPAC.

GroPAC was re-established in 1998 to support candidates for state office whose philosophies, actions, positions and voting records reflect an understanding and concern for Iowa’s general business and food industry. This means that GroPAC is not affiliated with any specific candidate, political party or other political action committee. Due consideration for campaign contribution is given to any state legislative candidate – Democrat or Republican – who is willing to work with the grocery industry. It provides the IGIA with an opportunity to help committed candidates get elected and re-elected.

Having a strong PAC gives Iowa’s grocery and convenience store industry an enhanced presence on Capitol Hill and improves the ability of IGIA advocates and members to develop and maintain working relationships with legislators. It differentiates the grocery industry from other worthy interest groups, as well as from opponents of its interests.

Investing in GroPAC

Contributing to GroPAC is simple, and the Iowa Grocery Industry Association has a very straightforward approach in mind for its members. The IGIA suggests its members take $1 every day and invest it into GroPAC. Under this strategy, an IGIA member would contribute $365 for the year, which can be a very minimal investment considering how costly certain issues can be for your businesses.

Another approach the IGIA recommends as a guide for contributing to GroPAC is based on the business’s sales volume. Below is an example of how an IGIA member can determine how much to contribute based on that member’s yearly sales volume.

Yearly Sales Volume & Suggested Yearly GroPAC Contribution

  • $1 to $25,000 | $100
  • $25,001 to $40,000 | $150
  • $40,001 to $60,000 | $200
  • $60,001 to $75,000| $250
  • $75,001 to $100,000 | $300
  • $100,001 and up | $365

No matter how much or in what way a member decides to contribute to GroPAC, the most important factor to the Iowa Grocery Industry Association is that everyone does their part to help fund and support GroPAC at some level. With that in mind, the association has established a two-year pledge system for its members to utilize. All the IGIA needs is a commitment for the next two years – single-year pledges are welcome as well – and it will take care of the rest.

Without solid support and a strong fund, the objectives and goals of GroPAC will not be met. And that would not only jeopardize the relationships that have been established with state legislators but it could threaten the livelihood of IGIA member stores and businesses, too.

So do what’s right and help the Iowa Grocery Industry Association and GroPAC ensure that people who understand the importance of the Iowa food and convenience store industry are in position to influence public policy in this state. Make your personal GroPAC contribution today so the grocery industry can maintain its voice in the legislative process.

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