Grocery Industry Leaders Listen to Experts on How to Drive Workplace Success


Grocery Industry Leaders Listen to Experts on How to Drive Workplace Success

By Maddie Huntley

“Good leaders leave nothing to chance,” stated presenter Troy Cook, vice president of sales and business at Telligen Health and Wealth during the IGIA Leadership Institute, Thursday, May 30.

Cook and organizational behavioral specialist Dr. Celina Peerman shared their experiences and advice with emerging and current leaders. Nineteen individuals from a range of companies operating within the grocery industry attended this event to learn more about what they can do to improve their workplace and bolster their staff.

During Cook’s presentation he talked about how good leaders always follow a vision or mission. According to Cook, a company cannot have a strategy or goals without direction and that is why good leaders must have a plan for everything. While sharing his perspective on success in the workplace today, he delivered testimony about his own struggles with Parkinson’s disease, emphasizing the wisdom he has gained through his journey battling a progressive neuro disease. Because of his illness, Cook had to start learning in a different way. This further molded his outlook on life and the workplace, and brought to light what having the correct information can do for you. He also talked about three components of wisdom being knowledge, information and experience, and encouraged the audience to share their wisdom as leaders to help others make better decisions.

The second speaker of the day, Dr. Celina Peerman paralleled a lot of what Cook shared, including her own experiences. Peerman wears many hats in her life but has found a passion for studying and analyzing employee behavior. This passion sparked from Peerman’s history in internal human resources. Her goal is to help people learn so organizations can improve. Peerman walked the audience through many interactive exercises that allowed each person to see their business from different viewpoints. She emphasized that she wanted to teach how to “drive with people” and “not in spite of people.” The conversation revolved around frustrations in the workplace and how to gain perspective on your peers and colleagues. Many people throughout the audience exchanged nods as she talked about collaborating with others who might not do things the way you would do them. Peerman continued to share her ideas on best leadership practices that can be incorporated into all workplaces.

“Make clear roles but be flexible throughout the process,” Peerman shared.

Session one of the IGIA Leadership Institute, originally scheduled for Thursday, January 31 was rescheduled for Thursday, May 30 due to hazardous winter road conditions and extreme low temperatures.