Fareway to Build New Store in Byron


Fareway to Build New Store in Byron

(ABC 6 News) -- It was back in June of 2018 that the news broke: Byron's only grocery store, MarketPlace, was closing its doors.

It was a decision that upset the community, but the owner was seeking other opportunities.

"He was at that time in his life where you have to go, 'hey, maybe I won't get this opportunity again,'" said Mary Blair-Hoeft, city administrator of Byron.

And while he took his opportunity, the city of Byron took its own. In July of 2018, the city began to talk with several different grocery stores, with Fareway deciding to buy land in the community.

From their positive philosophies to their products, their service and the way they treat their employees, "it was clear that the new grocery store would fit well within the city," said Blair-Hoeft.

"East side of Opportunity Services, they'll have about four acres," she said. The initial development of the store will create plenty of jobs, and when the construction is complete, several dozen new jobs will be available to the area.

Having either shopped in Rochester or going to get a few groceries at Kwik Trip, the announcement of Fareway's plans seems to be sitting well with the residents of Byron. A Facebook post about the store had nearly 500 shares, with more than 500 "reacting" and 200 commenting.

"People have been disheartened with the fact that our grocery store sold to Kwik Trip and they were hopeful that it would be a grocery store, and that's never been the intent," Blair-Hoeft said. "So yes, we've had some grumblings, and of course, every city needs a grocery store, and I think we're fortunate to be working with Fareway."

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