Erica's Cart reminding shoppers to enjoy the little things


Erica's Cart reminding shoppers to enjoy the little things

By Shawn Loging 

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Eldridge, Iowa - A woman in Eldridge, Iowa is sharing her daughter's joy of a simple routine to brighten the experience for other shoppers.

Erica Reed was diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy and other health problems at a young age.

Her condition turned critical last fall.

She was 35 when she passed away in November.

Her family turned to the many things she loved when they looked to do something special in her memory.

The color pink, anything Disney and zebras, just to name a few.

They went over that list and decided on one that to them has the right meaning and importance.

There are plenty of shopping carts at North Scott Foods, to help get all those items to the checkout.

But there's one that makes its way through the aisles with a bit of character and style. 

Erica's mom Debby Reed said, "Erica's Cart, for those who enjoy shopping."

While hauling the milk and eggs, Erica's pink coated cart is meant to help shoppers make the routine more memorable. 

Aunt Diana said, "Enjoy the simple things. Certainly, Erica taught me that, to be more grateful for the things I can and am able to do."

For Erica, trips to her store were a special kind of ordinary.

Debby said, "She would put on this hat. It had to be this hat, and she would take this pen, and she would have her list, and she would have her smile."

Because there were occasions when her health kept her from going anywhere. 

Debby said, "She had so many days when she couldn't leave or couldn't do anything. It reminds you, if you can just get out to the grocery store and do that, that should be a great day."

The wheels started turning with Erica's family as they gathered to spend their final days together.

Debby said, "We realized how critical her situation was and she would not be coming home with us."

It was Erica's aunt who first provided them with the idea. 

Debby said, "Her aunt. Her crazy aunt Diana who said how about a pink cart because Erica loved the color pink and shopping was her favorite thing to do, and she got much joy out of it. We laughed about it and thought that couldn't really happen, could it."

With Erica's impact at the store, it became a way for the family to say their thanks.

Debby said, "The employees at North Scott Foods would always come and talk with her, and she just loved that."

North Scott Foods donated a cart, and the Eldridge Body Shop painted it in pink, so Erica would always have a place among the groceries and provide shoppers with what should be on everyone's list.

Debby said, "Have a little good in their day and enjoy their shopping trip like Erica always did."

Debby Reed also told Local 4 News she hopes that people who use Erica's Cart will wave and say hello like Erica.

She added the cart has helped the family feel a sense of community as they mourn.

They're also planning a memorial garden at the library, another place Erica loved to go.


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