Cattle producers mull laws defining 'meat'


Cattle producers mull laws defining 'meat'

By Perry Beeman | Managing Editor

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association is among groups around the country that would like to separate the soy, black bean, salmon and test-tube beef from the stuff that comes from livestock,the Corridor Business Journal reported.

Nebraska is considering a law that would make it illegal to label a product as "meat" if didn’t come from livestock. Missouri already passed one.

The Iowa Cattlemen’s Association told the Dubuque Telegraph Herald that the issue is on its radar. In fact, the organization, whose officials could not be reached to comment, has an articleon its own website laying out its concerns. Part of that controversy is over a move to grow "beef" in laboratories. Cattle producers don’t appreciate the competition calling its products "clean meat," which suggests that regular beef isn’t.

Then there’s the plate test. "Can something grown in a petri dish in a laboratory really taste as good as an Iowa-raised, grain-finished steak?" the cattlemen’s association asked.

The association wants the U.S. Department of Agriculture, rather than the Food and Drug Administration, to regulate what the farmers call "fake meat." They question the FDA’s move to allow producers of soy or almond products to call them "milk," for similar reasons.

The Iowa cattlemen stopped short of saying they would endorse legislation, other than to say they will work at the state and federal levels to "keep real beef on tables worldwide."

Source: Business Record Daily AM 2.12.19