IGIA Leadership Institute Gearing up for 2021

Designed to foster industry leaders, the 2022 IGIA Leadership Institute delivers an extensive program targeting promising leaders and giving them the education and training they need to lead our industry now and in the future.

The IGIA Leadership Institute is limited to only 24 industry leaders so participants must commit to and attend at least three out of the four sessions to be eligible for participation and to be a recognized graduate.

IGIA leadership graduates will be recognized at the 2022 IGIA Convention, date to be announced. Complimentary convention registrations will be provided for each graduate and their spouse/guest. Graduates will be responsible for their own hotel accommodations.

Sponsored by SHAZAM, this year’s Leadership Institute consists of four one-day sessions delivering an outstanding lineup of topics and presenters listed here.



More Details

Time: Sessions run 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.
Location: To be announced.
Cost: $399/person (includes snacks, beverages and boxed lunches)
Register by: Monday, Dec. 13, 2021 (Space is limited to 24 participants.)
Contact Annie Lallier, alallier@iowagrocers.com.


About Our Speakers

Dr. Celina Peerman

Dr. Celina Peerman serves as an organizational behavior specialist with over 25 years of experience from frontline to senior-level positions, in a wide range of industries and organizations. She is passionate about engaging human resources in new ways to achieve better organizational results. Celina has led successful workshops and designed training for a variety of professions. She has presented at numerous conferences for local, state and national audiences. Her work in Southeast Asia, Canada and Central America provided additional operations experience, further developing her strong international interests.

Patrick Dix
Patrick Dix is SHAZAM’s vice president of strategic alliances. As a former news anchor, Patrick brings his story-telling approach to audiences on a variety of topics. From working with the media, to crisis communications, to the latest issues in the payments industry, Patrick provides commentary to help audiences understand complex topics and delivers easily digestible takeaways they can use at their institutions. Patrick leads SHAZAM’s strategic partnerships with more than 70 industry organizations and trade associations, supporting their advocacy efforts and ensuring community financial institutions have a strong voice in the payments industry.

Bill Withers

Dr. Bill Withers is a unique speaker, facilitator, and workshop leader, and his love for “Aloha shirts” is only part of his story! Leadership participants will benefit from his decades of prior business management and leadership experience, which is why he can relate to everyone from Gen Y/Millennials to Boomers and beyond, through all stages of career development.

Bill has also served many advisory boards and councils over the years, including two terms on the board of directors for Iowa Public Television. He can relate to all levels of organizations, whether larger corporates or smaller non-profits, from ‘the frontlines to the c-suite.

Perhaps the greatest benefit to audiences is Dr. Withers’ research into top-tier organizations, including Hy-Vee, Ritz-Carlton, Disney, Four Seasons, Starbucks, and most recently, Southwest Airlines. In fact, he’s been invited to make similar presentations numerous times at The International Conference on Business in Honolulu where audiences come from 20 different countries, from all around the Pacific Rim, so you’ll learn from the best-of-the-best.

During his academic career, Dr. Withers won both teacher and advisor of the year awards while also contributing to three books in the areas of leadership and customer service. Today he serves on the executive team of Lutheran Church of Hope, the largest mainline protestant church of its type in North America. He continues to serve organizations of all sizes in the areas of public relations, quality customer service, organizational change and leadership development.