To Apply for a Build with Bags Grant

NOTICE: The grant application window has closed for 2021. Check back in the fall for details regarding the Build with Bags grant program for 2022. Click here to see the 2021 Build with Bags Grant Winners.

Grant applications should be prepared in letter form based on the evaluation criteria listed here:


Selection Requirements

Each application must include the applicant organization’s contact information (address, phone number and email address) along with a designated contact name with contact information and the grant amount being requested up to $2,000. All applications containing the required information will be evaluated by the Build with Bags selection committee according to the following selection criteria.

Evaluation Criteria

  • Statement of need (Maximum of 25 points): A clear statement of need identifying the importance and use of the furniture and/or playground equipment, along with financial need, is required. Please note that furniture or equipment subject to the grant award must be used in conjunction with a park or school. Maximum points will be awarded to those organizations with in-kind contributions or contributing funds.

  • Public Awareness (Maximum of 35 Points): Provide a brief summary of the marketing or public relations plan for maximizing public awareness of the project (newspaper, radio, TV coverage, speaking engagements, social media, etc.). The greater the perceived impact, the greater the number of points awarded. Copies of the BWB and sponsor logos will be provided to those receiving grants. Proof of performance will be required before grant payment is issued.

  • Verifiable Recycled Plastic Content (Maximum of 10 Points): Grant requests must include information on the recycled plastic content of the proposed furniture or equipment purchase, including a statement that at least some of the plastic content includes high-density polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. The higher the content of recycled plastic the greater the number of points awarded.

  • Plastic Bag Recycling (Maximum of 20 Points): Please include a statement indicating how the project will help to increase plastic bag recycling or decrease usage. The stronger the case for the project influencing reductions in use and increased recycling, the higher the points.

  • Endorsement Letter (Maximum of 10 Points): An endorsement letter from an Iowa Grocery Industry Association (IGIA) member in support of your request is required. The stronger the letter of support, the greater the points (endorsement letter template provided here).

Application Submission

NOTICE: Check back in the fall for details regarding the Build with Bags grant program for 2022. 

Submit completed applications by (TBA) to:

Iowa Grocery Industry Association | Attn: Build with Bags Coordinator
2540 106th St., Suite 102 | Urbandale, IA 50322

Questions concerning the application process should be directed to Ann Seuferer, 515.270.2628 l



Grant applications will be reviewed by the Build with Bags selection committee to determine eligibility and application scores based on the selection criteria. Incomplete or insufficient applications will be returned along with an explanation concerning the nature of any missing or insufficient information.

The composite rating will be used to allocate grants from available funds. The selection committee will make a determination of award grant recipients and reserves the right to adjust the amount of a grant request based on available funds.

The remaining grant requests will be reviewed and weighted by the selection committee with each member of the committee independently evaluating the grants. The group will then meet collectively and share results with a final tabulation made from the composite ratings.

The geographic distribution will also be a consideration in determining award grant recipients.


Grant funds will be provided to award recipients subsequent to furniture/equipment purchases. To receive grant award funds, award recipients must submit proof of purchase documentation by December 1 of the year in which the grant is awarded and photos of the funded project (email to: Items accepted as proof of purchase include:

  • A paid invoice, a canceled check or similar verification of payment

  • Copies of media coverage (newspaper articles, Facebook or other social media posts, and community newsletters)
  • Supporting documentation from your public awareness plan and efforts as outlined in the Public Awareness section above

Every effort will be made to distribute payment within two weeks of submission of all appropriate information. Checks are sometimes sent to the supporting IGIA member business for presentation to Grant recipients. Grant recipients are encouraged to call the IGIA at 515.270.2628 with “media event” times in advance if possible. These events may provide an opportunity for the recipient, the supporting IGIA member, sponsoring organizations, and the BWB program and its sponsors to gain recognition.


Download Build with Bags Grant Program Overview (PDF)