2016 Grocer Care Day Recap

Iowa Grocers Discuss Issues with Legislators at State Capitol

DES MOINES, Iowa – Iowa grocers sat down with legislators at the Iowa State Capitol on Tues., Feb. 23 to explain how a number of issues affect grocery and convenience stores and the communities in which they operate. The meetings took place as part of the annual Grocers Care Day event hosted by the Iowa Grocery Industry Association.

More than 100 grocers and convenience store operators who attended the Grocers Care Day event had face-to-face meetings with their state legislators. During the IGIA’s annual legislative forum, grocers discussed a variety of topics with their elected state officials, explaining why they feel the bottle bill is a “bottleneck” to a better recycling future for all Iowans, advocating for state pre-emption of minimum wage laws to prevent a patchwork of different minimum wages from county to county throughout the state, as well as explaining how repealing the current dram shop laws would negatively impact grocers, the legal system and consumers.

The Iowa Grocery Industry Association also held a dessert reception for the public on the ground floor of the Capitol.

Photo: (left to right around the table) Ryan Irsik, Walmart Inc.; Senate Majority Leader Mike Gronstal; Scott Sundstrom, IGIA Legislative Counsel, Nyemaster Goode Law Firm; Denny Dietrich, Gary’s Foods, Mt. Vernon, Iowa; Steve Grolmus, North Scott Foods, Eldridge, Iowa; IGIA President Michelle Hurd; Garrett Piklapp, legal counsel for Fareway Stores Inc. at the annual Grocers Care Day event hosted by the Iowa Grocery Industry Association.

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About the Iowa Grocery Industry Association

The Iowa Grocery Industry Association is a state trade association that represents the food industry, including chain and independent supermarkets, convenience stores, mass merchandisers, wholesalers, brokers, manufacturers and distributors. Founded in 1899, the IGIA has long served as a resource to its members, the food industry and the general public through education, legislative, partnership and philanthropic programs. The IGIA has headquarters in Urbandale, Iowa, and can be found online at www.iowagrocers.com.


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